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Spring Blend 12oz. Bean

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Spring Blend 2024 is a blend of two coffees from Africa. It is light-medium roasted and features a light-bodied cup with pleasant, light acidity and a predominance of stone fruit sweetness, similar to an apricot.

• 12oz. Can

• Whole Bean Coffee

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2024 Spring Blend is a blend of two coffees from Africa: a fully washed Rwanda and a natural process Ethiopia.

We are very excited to highlight our first coffee sourced through Artisan Coffee Importers, Rwanda Ejo Heza. Ruth Ann Church founded Artisan Coffee Imports in 2009 to sustainably connect coffee farmers at origin to roasters in search of great-tasting coffee. The Kopakama cooperative in Rwanda is independent and cooperatively owned, founded in 1998. They have 1,024 members, 473 of them are women. Rwanda Ejo Heza comes from the all-female Ejo Heza group, a sub-cooperative formed in 2011 with the full support of the Kopakama cooperative. The Ejo Heza group of about 320 female producers were given their own community plot of trees and they hold their own general assembly. Please read more details on our main page: Spring Blend.

Rwanda Ejo Heza
Origin: Africa
Region: Western Province, Rutsiro district
Cooperative: Kopakama Cooperative, Women-grown group "Ejo Heza"
Variety: Arabica-Bourbon
Grade: A1, screen 15+
Elevation: 6,000 ft/1,600-1,800m
Processing: Fully-washed, raised-bed sun-drying

The second part of our Spring Blend comes from our long-time friends & supplier Keffa Coffee. Samuel Demisse, a second-generation Ethiopian coffee farmer, founded Keffa Coffee. He was born in the province of Keffa, Ethiopia, moved to the United States in 2004, and founded Keffa in 2006. Samuel is a skilled coffee expert who has achieved several accomplishments. He has competed in the United States Coffee Cup Tasters Championship, placing 2nd in 2013 and 2011 and 3rd in 2017 and 2015. Samuel is also one of the first 325 Certified Q-Graders worldwide and holds the position of Assistant Q-Instructor.

Keffa Coffee has a "Good People, Great Coffee" philosophy that reflects their dedication to the final product and the people who make it all possible. Each bean they source carries the unique story of its land and the soul of the farmer who grew it. We can always count on Samuel and his team's high-quality coffees; this Ethiopian Natural Guji is no exception.

Ethiopia Natural Guji ARDI
Origin: Africa
Region: Oromia
Woreda: Guji
Kebele: Odo Shakiso
Station Owner/Producer: Biru Bekele
Farmers Contributed: 45
Processing Stations: Biru Bekele drying Station
Variety: Heirloom
Elevation: 1750 – 2050m.
Processing: Natural, 16-day dry time


Spring Blend

A blend of two coffees from Africa; Rwanda & Ethiopia.

Tasting Notes: Stone fruit sweetness (apricot) and light citrus (lime zest).

  • Light-Medium Roast
  • Light-bodied cup
  • 12oz. Can
  • Whole Bean Coffee

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