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Spring Blend 12oz. Bean

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Our Annual Spring Blend is a blend of coffees from Mexico and Guatemala. It is light roasted and features tasting notes of plum and rosé with a fresh acidity and a pleasant sweet linger.

• 12oz. Can

• Whole Bean Coffee

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We sourced the Mexico in our Spring Blend from San Cristobal Coffee Importers. They have been involved in coffee production since 1993 and were incorporated in 1996 to provide international market access for small holder coffee farmers in Nayarit, Mexico. The mission at San Cristobal Coffee Importers is to work from the bottom up promoting equity in the supply chain; helping producers earn enough so they are able to address the tough issues of environmental stewardship, gender equity, and ultimately sustainability.

Today, San Cristobal is vertically integrated at source with Grupo Terruño Nayarita (GTNAY). Founded in 2015, GTNAY stockholders are independent democratic coffee producing societies scattered throughout the state of Nayarit. These societies range in size from 15 to a hundred producers. And while each society develops its own infrastructure and elects its own leaders, they are equal participants in the GTNAY structure, agreeing to not compete with each other and to implement proven best practices.

Origin: Mexico 
Name: Afrutada Selecta Natural SHG EP
Importer: San Cristobal Coffee Importers
Producing Organization/Exporter: Grupo Terruño Nayarita (GTNAY)
Producing Societies/Cooperatives: Sociedad el Astal (ASTAL), PROCAA
Community Of Origin: 89% comes from the community of La Yerba, Nayarit and 11% from the community of El Cuarenteño, Nayarit
Terroir: Average Altitude 960 m. volcanic soil, shade grown
Varietals: 10% Bourbon, 5% Catuai, 75% Caturra, 5% Criollo (Typica), 5% Mundo Novo
Process: Natural

The predominate producing society for this coffee is Sociedad el Astal (ASTAL). Created in 2012 with the help and support of CAFESUMEX and San Cristobal Coffee Importers, ASTAL's economy is based upon the annual harvest of its two most important crops, avocados and coffee. With one harvest immediately following the other, revenue is only generated for part of the year. By working with CAFESUMEX and San Cristobal, farmers receive a price adjustment four to six months after the harvest, in accordance with the quality of their coffee, which is a very important time when farmer's economic options are limited. 

ASTAL is also one of the first societies to implement a system of premiums for coffee produced by women: "ASTAL is currently implementing a certification for women's coffee since we are a society with several women members, who are dedicated to growing coffee.”  - Andrea Flores De La O, President of ASTAL 

The coffee they produce is processed as a dried natural. Instead of removing the pulp and mucilage from the coffee cherries, the coffee is only rinsed off then immediately set out to dry while still in cherry form. This process is very similar to drying a grape into a raisin. By allowing the coffee to dry as whole cherries, many flavors and characteristics are imparted onto the coffee bean. Naturally processed coffees are known to have a heavier mouth feel, lower acidity and distinct fruity characteristics. 

The second producing society for this coffee is La Socieadad Productos del Campo Cafe, Aguacate y Mas (PROCAA). Founded in 2007 This organization consists of 25 members all of whom are in one way or another related to the Altamirano family, one of the founding families of the town El Cuarenteno. The group was originally organized by the late family patron, Benigno Altamirano de Dios, who passed away in 2004. Today the society is run by seven of Benigno's 18 children. 

PROCAA owns and operates the El Rustico wet mill. The name Rustico, Spanish for rustic, comes from the humble beginnings of this organization. This mill is as simple and basic as it can be, but that is not to say that the coffee produced by PROCAA is lacking in complexity. In fact, their coffees are often among the top scoring lots on our cupping table.

We sourced the Guatemala in our Spring Blend from The Guat Lab by TTCo. The Guat Lab is Mario Alarcon and Christian Starry, two producers and exporters who work side by side with growers in all parts of Guatemala to help them market their coffees. Unlike most exporters, they work as service providers providing 100% price transparency to their partners. The company developed a model with a fixed fee for exporting services and fair prices discussed with (not imposed to) each farmer and direct contact to the final buyer.

Origin: Guatemala
Name: Pacamara Finca La Unión
Exporter: The Guat Lab
Producer: La Unión
Micro Region: San Pedro Necta, Huehuetenango
Variety: Pacamara
Altitude: 1500 - 1780masl
Process: Fully Washed

Originally named “La Unión” the farm is located in the Agua Dulce village, in the Municipality of San Pedro Necta. This region has ideal environmental conditions with average temperatires of 22 dgrees celsius and an average rainfall of 1600mm annually. The property was acquired in 2017 and the first step was a renovation of the coffee plants. Currently there are 22 varietals, covering 18 hectares with an area specific for a varietal validation project being executed with the help of World Coffee Research and Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung.


Spring Blend

A blend of coffees from Mexico and Guatemala.

Tasting Notes: Plum & Rosé. Fresh acidity and a pleasant sweet linger
  • Light Roast
  • Light-bodied cup
  • 12oz. Can
  • Whole Bean Coffee

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