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Bird Friendly Ethiopia 2.2lb Bean

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A certified Bird Friendly® coffee from Africa that is light roasted and produces a light bodied cup with tasting notes of blackberry, pineapple and lavender.

• 2.2lb Bag

• Whole Bean Coffee

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“The Bird Friendly certification is so important for us because the existence of birds in the coffee farm shows there is peace and biodiversity on the farm, birds feed on and reduce insects and worms that can damage coffee plants, birds play a vital role in the distribution of shade trees for the coffee, and also we love them for recreational and mind refreshment purposes. We feel very good when we see birds and other wildlife in our coffee farm because it shows the coffee farm is safe with no chemicals applied to the field.” Mengistu of Asikana Coffee


Location: Africa
Country: Ethiopia
Community: Aira, West Welega
Producer: Asikana Cooperative
Variety: Heirloom
Altitude: Average 1,650 meters
Process: Natural
Roast Profile: Light
Tasting Notes: Blackberry, pineapple and lavender.

Featured Bird:
Silvery-Cheeked Hornbill • Bycanistes brevis
A native to Eastern Africa, the Silvery-Cheeked Hornbill is the featured bird on Asikana's Buri Coffee Farm. These birds are threatened by deforestation mostly due to their unique nesting strategy; the female seals herself into a tree cavity with her brood, leaving only a small opening for the male to deliver food to both the female and chicks until they are ready to fledge. 

About the Producer:
Asikana Coffee is a family-owned business. The founder, Mr. Bodja Gelalecha, and his family have deep community ties stretching back for over 200 years. In Afan Oromo, the language spoken in the region of the farm, Asikana translates to “We start from here.” The heart of their organization is "all of us working together, with what we have, to make our community better in the end." Asikana considers itself part of the community, strongly believes in catalyzing change through active engagement in the community and aspires for the communities’ economic development and better life. 

Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center
When you drink Bird Friendly® certified coffee, you brew a more biodiverse, sustainable world. Created by Smithsonian scientists, the Bird Friendly gold standard does more to protect habitat that is often destroyed to make way for coffee growing. Support the best in organic, eco-friendly farming by choosing Bird Friendly® certified coffee.
Learn More: SMBC Website


Bird Friendly Ethiopia

A single-origin coffee from Africa.

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, pineapple and lavender. 
  • Light Roast
  • Light-bodied cup
  • 2.2lb Bag
  • Whole Bean Coffee

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